Finnish design at its best

Valona makes feather-light wooden jewellery, birch himmelis and seasonal decorations such as tree toppers. The label was founded in 2006 by designer Elina Mäntylä. They have been a limited liability company since 2018 when Markus Vihottula joined the company and turned from a mentor to an owner. Their office is located in Marjaniemi, Helsinki, but the design work travels with them in the archipelagos and the mountains of Lapland. Valona has got 2-5 employees, depending on the season, directly or through subcontractors across Finland. In addition to aesthetics, they value ecology. Birch, therefore, is the right choice of material for tthem.

The Valona products are available in approximately 50 design and gift shops around the world. They strive for international growth because they believe in their products and want the ideology of ecological and responsible design to be accessible to anyone interested in Nordic design.