Josephine & Co

This is Josephine & Co.

They are breaking the unwritten rule that a woman never tells her age, because age is just a number: Josephine & Co is from 1994. Old enough to feel confident about who they are - young enough to bend, adjust, grow and to have a lot of fun with it.

The founder is Harold van der Mark, who was tough enough to take his independent women's fashion store to the next level and start his own brand; Josephine & Co. Named after his parents (how sweet is that) and destined to dress the confident, modern, stylish and fashion loving women of this planet. Josephine & Co is a proud Dutch Company, started in Utrecht fulfilling the wishes - and filling the wardrobe - of women who didn't feel like choosing between stylish or sporty, and who prefer to dress in a tight mix of both. They grew slowly but surely, and when the time was right they moved the collection & office to Driebergen. But the city was still in their blood, they live and breathe urban cool. Driven by ambition and a growing fan base, they spread their wings a little wider and landed in their current nest or head office, located in Amsterdam.

The Houthavens; sparkling, bubbling and in full development. If there is one location that perfectly reflects their development as a brand, it is this area! Vibrant, lively and always evolving - creativity and architectural perfection with the raw, frayed edges of a metropolitan border area. That's Josephine & Co. 100%. 

What do they love about the collections they make? First of all; they strive for superior quality. The finest yarns, the most beautiful fabrics, the best craftsmanship. Not deaf and blind to the growing call to durability, they strive for the most sustainable choices that meet their quality level and fashion sense. No, they are not 100% sustainable, but they listen and learn. Collecting Karma Points. Just like their customers. 

What do they like about their customers? Their beautiful, sweet, loverly customer and Muse. They love their self-assurance. The customers know who they are and they know how to use the right clothes to reflect their personality. Josephine & Co loves their feeling for Zeitgeist. The customers know what really matters in the field of fashion, they know how to filter trends from traditions, and how to achieve a Modern Cool vibe. Josephine & Co loves the customer’s spirit and passion. Whether they are juggling a busy job, family with 2.2 kids, a dog, their food blog and an addiction to city trips - or whether they run their own business and a vegetable garden, collect 18th century antiques and like to be scared at a horror film; they do what they do with heart & soul. So they dress with heart & soul. For any occasion. Josephine & Co understands their customers.

What do the customers like so much about Josephine & Co? Well. They'll say they get each customer, but they can't read minds, so nobody should blame them for making some assumptions.

This is how they see themselves and what they think is what appeals to them.

Josephine & Co understands fashion. They travel, they read, they visit factories and trade shows, and they shop around the world. They do not uncritically follow every trend they encounter purely because it exists; they know what suits each customer and translate the trends to their taste.

Josephine & Co knows what suits the customer‘s figure. Yes, their designer is a man, but a very special man - with an understanding of women and a trained eye for what flatters the female body. The expert back-up team vacuums after him should he unexpectedly drop a few stitches. Long story short: the fit of Josephine & Co’s clothes is impeccable.

They deliver high quality for a justified price. Despite their drive for perfection, they are still able to keep their prices at an acceptable level. No fast fashion that falls apart when it comes close to the washing machine, but affordable and sustainable luxury fashion with a price tag that shows honesty and respect for their manufacturers, their design & development team and their customers.

Last but not least: Josephine & Co knows their classics. Just over again; they know their icons. Those garments that have proven themselves over the decades: those indispensable building blocks that belong in any self-respecting wardrobe. Example? The trench coat. The snow-white blouse. Loved by the customers, loved by Josephine & Co, loved by everyone. But. Their icons always get a modern makeover. And they carefully mix them with the high-fashion eye-catchers so that they reinforce each other.

You have been completely updated about their past and their present. But what about their future? It is open, ready to be filled in. They are proud of who they are and have no need to change their DNA, but they will always continue to develop, improve, grow and create. Their world and their collection.