Ágúst Thor Eiríksson is the proud owner of Icewear.
Visitors to Iceland have been happily wearing icewear garments home for years. So it just made sense that we offer the collection of clothing and accessories online, making them available to you wherever you are in the world.
The history dates back to 1972. Icewear started out small; a simple knitting factory in the Icelandic village of Hvammstangi. For the first decade the company concentrated on making woolen garments for other companies. But in 1984 they decided it was time to put all efforts into creating their very own brand, Icewear. Ágúst joined the company in that same exciting year. He was not long out of university and ready for a challenge. After all these years he can certainly say he is still driven by the challenge and as passionate as ever about Icewear.
The collection is designed for people who love to be outdoors. They have got you covered – from technical jackets guaranteed to protect you in extreme conditions to comfortable woolen sweaters perfect for putting on after the sun goes down. While the designers work hard to create pieces that are in line with the latest trends and colours, Ágúst has made it his mission to ensure the quality controls are robust, the customer service is unbeatable and the prices are competitive.
Icewear continues to specialise in knitwear. Knitwear is where it all started for them and they know their wool well. They understand its exceptional properties and how it performs – whether it’s out in nature or in the urban environment.
The whole company feels incredibly lucky to work with the woolen fibre of their Icelandic sheep when creating the acclaimed Icelandic wool collection. Ágúst Is personally fascinated by these hardy creatures whose existence in the harsh environment has led to the remarkable composition of their wool. It is the perfect fibre - breathable, lightweight, water repellent and of course natural. When put in the hands of their Icewear designers and craftspeople it is also turned into something uniquely stylish and functional…uniquely Icelandic.