GAI+LISVA was established in 2007 in a small retail store in Aarhus, Denmark. Soon GAI+LISVA evolved into an independent clothing label, launching the first small collection in 2008. In the beginning the collection was mainly consisting of basics styles – all produced in Europe, and only distributed through GAI+LISVA´s own shop and web shop. In 2013 GAI+LISVA decided to bring the company to another level by opening up for wholesale business. The initiative comes as a reaction of increased demand from customers and stores & the dream of introducing GAI+LISVA to the global fashion arena. Today GAI+LISVA has already made a name for itself on the international arena by selling to shops throughout Europe and Asia. “GAI+LISVA takes its name from 2 old family houses, which were owned by the grandparents of the founder Bettina Aagaard Jensen.”