Fuza Wool of Denmark

The Fuza Wool journey began with the founders’ wanderlust, curiosity and desire to use the whole world as a creative work space. On their travels they met and were inspired by local craftsmen and women, who for generations have nurtured and passed down their fine traditions in hand knitting. With their own proud Nordic design traditions, tthey respectfully blended inspiration from the East, a love of nature and outdoor living and the Danish concept of ‘hygge’, and Fuza Wool was born.

Fuza Wool is a family business of Uma Heidi and Jesper and the brand is founded on close relations with the local handicrafters who produce the goods, and a love for their craftsmanship. It’s made with love and with tradition, and it’s as much about family as business. It’s a little piece of the world in pure wool that will provide all customers with warmth and comfort for many years to come.